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Europe's largest producer of wooden hangers

NOVIGO was founded in 2013 and is based in Suwałki, in north-eastern Poland. We are one of the largest manufacturers of wooden hangers in Europe. In the world, we dominate the market of wooden hanger producers and occupy high places in the rankings. We are currently exporting our products to 24 countries worldwide. We focus on continuous development and innovation. This is where the name of our company comes from – NOVIGO – means “innovation” in Esperanto. Our fundamental goal is to be the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of wooden hangers. We guarantee that our hangers will be a perfect decoration in a store, private closet or living room and they will hit the taste of every customer.
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Manufacturer of wooden hangers

As a manufacturer of wooden hangers with years of experience, we offer you products made of high quality materials! In our business, we use alder and beech wood friezes, which come only from trusted manufacturers. Wood is an ecological and natural raw material, which is durable and beautifully presented. This material is very often used by manufacturers of wooden hangers.

Many years of experience allows us to manufacture professional products that meet the needs of each client. We are a leading manufacturer of wooden hangers of the highest quality. We have achieved this success thanks to our dedicated team who do their work in a reliable manner. We have over 150 employees who ensure timely delivery of orders.

As a leading manufacturer of wooden hangers, we customize them according to the needs of our clients. Our hangers have a wooden crossbar and notches on the arms. This makes it possible to hang pants, but also, thanks to properly finished notches, to hang a strapless blouse or skirt. All this to provide you with the best wooden hangers.

What’s more, offered by us wooden hangers are available in five color variants. You will find products in white, natural, black, but also the so-called zebra black and zebra white (a combination of natural wood with the color of your choice). Thanks to such a solution, you can choose the assortment of the leading manufacturer of wooden hangers, which will perfectly complement your closet or dressing room.

We invite you to contact our company, but also to get familiar with our offer. We will gladly answer your questions and dispel all kinds of doubts! We work with large companies, but also with small businesses. We are open to everyone!

Modern production line

NOVIGO is a manufacturer of wooden hangers, which is the most automated company originating from the wood industry. The materials used in the production of our wooden hangers are first of all thoroughly tested, but also meet all kinds of standards and have the necessary approvals. Our daily work is guided by values such as innovation and development, so we are constantly improving our machinery to produce even better products to meet the needs of each customer. High-quality machines ensure perfect production of wooden hangers, which are characterized by excellent appearance and quality. We are a manufacturer of wooden hangers, which are available in as many as 5 color variations to suit every taste.

Top quality

We have an automated machinery park, which allows us to produce wooden hangers of the highest quality. The certificates we have obtained and earned confirm the highest quality of our products made of wood. For many years we have been building our team, thanks to which we have become a leading producer of wooden hangers in the world. It is our experienced team that has contributed to our intensive development. Thanks to it, we are able to fulfill all (even the most complex) orders on time, as well as respond to our customers’ needs by constantly improving our products.

Out of concern for ecology and the protection of nature, we make sure that the materials used during the production of wooden hangers are safe for people, but also for the environment. Therefore, during the preparation of our range of products, we use only natural raw material, which is wood. As a manufacturer of wooden hangers, we have the necessary certificates and attestations, which confirm the fact that our production does not endanger the environment. This aspect is extremely important to our company.

Novigo – producer of wooden hangers. The highest quality raw materials, high production standards and professional customer service have earned us the position of one of the largest manufacturers of wooden hangers in Europe.

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